Shelf Stable Meat Alternative From Textured Sunflower Protein

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We’re on a mission to show that a plant based diet doesn’t mean a lack of nutrients or flavor. This is why we created a ground meat alternative called Sunflower Haché. It’s a shelf stable and made from only one ingredient, organic textured sunflower protein. After hydrating with water, Sunflower Haché will take on any seasoning you wish! The products don’t need soak time. Just add water and start cooking. 

We have created spice blends for three of our favorite dishes: sunflower bolognese, mushroom stew and chili sin carne as your starting point for traditional home-cooked meals. However, there are no limits to your plant-based imagination with our Sunflower Haché! Use this to make tacos, shepherd’s pie, falafel, sloppy joes and much much more!

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